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Stereo Mastering

Audio Demo of mastered songs.

Send all files to info@gridbasedbeats.com using the link below.

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We offer convenient audio mastering for all musical genres. You'll find many online budget mastering services however, what makes us different is our experience and high fidelity equipment.   Scroll down to view our gear.

Stereo Mastering Rates:

1 - 3 songs$35 per song
4 - 6 songs$30 per song
7 or more $28 per song

Our current turnaround time is 3 - 4 business days.

We offer one (1) free revision per song.  Each additional revision is $10.00.

What we need from you:

  1. We will only accept .WAV or .AIFF files for mastering.  
  2. Please remove any EQ, Compressors and Limiters from your Master Bus Channel.
  3. Please leave us -3db to -6db of headroom.  
  4. If you're songs are going to be released on Vinyl, please let us know.  If that's the case, make sure to keep your bass centered in the mix as well as going easy on the high frequency instruments.  If this isn't taken care of in the mix, it can cause problems later.

Your Master will be delivered as a downloadable .WAV file at 16bit / 44.1kHz unless directed otherwise. If you're unsure of anything we mentioned, please contact us before you submit your songs.

Stem Mastering:

If your project requires stem mastering or you would like us to mix down your song, please email us for a quote at info@gridbasedbeats.com.​​

Selected gear list:



Manley Vari Mu

Focusrite Control 2802 Master Bus Compressor
​TK Audio BCS - 1 Master Bus Compressor


Kush Clariphonic Parallel EQ
Vintage Orban 6225B

AD DA Conversion:



​Genelec 8040


Pro Tools


Izotope RX


Slate Digital

​​​Some great people I've mastered tracks for:

Blue Town Records

Chicago Jaxxx
Gaia Recordings
Secre Techno


Dan Curtin

​FNOOB Digital

Gary Gordon

Hiroko Yamamura

​Impact Mechanics


Jack Kerouak

Jon Iler
Jon Pierre Music (Prep)

Ken Iishi

Kid Enigma

​Kon Kehta Hay
Larone Robinson

​Lester Fitzpatrick

Lora Faye
Luis Flores


Nick Jagger

SAE Institute
Southland Jazz Ensemble


Under Average