We're giving away over 200 free drum samples. Kits for Ableton, Maschine and Kontakt 5 are included.  Samples are 24bit and will work with any DAW. These samples were created using vintage drum machines (TR909) and processed through a Manley Vari Mu Tube Compressor.

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‚ÄčThank you for visiting our site!  We are a techno imprint, production studio and maker of high quality samples.  

Visit our Music page to download our music. Label artists include Tim Vitek, Komprezzor, HV and Frankie Vega.

We are now a creator for Native Instruments' new site; Sounds.com. Click our Sample Packs link to download all our sample packs directly through Sounds.com. 

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Do you need quality audio mastering at an affordable rate? Yes... Yes you do! I can help you with that. I have a full analog mastering chain and over 20 years of experience. 

Are you a label with consistent or semi-consistent releases? Email me and ask me about label discounts. I get it. I run a label. It's expensive. You need an actual human to master your tracks, not an algorithm. Let me help you with that.

Visit our Mastering page to see the gear I use and shoot me an email if you have any questions.

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Some of the gear used in the free sample packs.

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